Chia Seed Pudding

This is one of my FAVORITE morning meals! It is my quick & easy, nutritious & delicious breakfast that takes only minutes to prepare! [oh & did I mention easy on your wallet]

Chia Pudding w/ coconut milk, raw almonds, organic frozen raspberries, banana, organic kiwi & local apples. 

Chia Pudding w/ coconut milk, raw almonds, organic frozen raspberries, banana, organic kiwi & local apples. 

Eating healthy food does NOT have to be expensive! This meal is under $5 to make [probably giving you 2 meals]


Organic Chia Seeds

Filtered water/plant-based milk

Favorite Fruits/Nuts/Seeds

Instructions: made with love!

Use 3 TBSP of organic chia seeds & cover with filtered water &/or plant-based milk. Shake until becomes a thick paste. Add enough water to your desired taste/texture. [3 TBSP to 1/2 cup water/plant-based milk] Let sit overnight. Top with your favorite toppings OR blend your favorite fruits, veggies & tea into a smoothie and create a Smoothie bowl!

Smoothie Bowl: Chia pudding, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw almonds carob nibs, coconut, hemp hearts, & smoothie: green tea, frozen local strawberries, local blueberries, banana.

Smoothie Bowl: Chia pudding, raw sunflower seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, raw almonds carob nibs, coconut, hemp hearts, & smoothie: green tea, frozen local strawberries, local blueberries, banana.

The Benefits

Chia Seeds are an excellent source of fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids, protein while also being rich in antioxidants. Chia seeds help remove built-up toxins, maintain heart health, boost energy, reduces sugar absorption while decreasing the growth of cancer cells. 

Organic Fruit is a phenomenal way to add natural sweetness to your meals while containing essential vitamins, minerals, fiber & nutrients that our body needs. 

Nuts/Seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber & healthy fats which all work together to building a healthy heart, brain, body & waistline.



Helping you heal through the power of plants

Love your farming tea geek,



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Let's talk Hawthorne! 

Hawthorne is known for its heart health properties & has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to aid all sorts of heart & GI issues! 


Hawthorne helps lower blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation, stress, kidney ailments, insomnia and even heart disease! As it is high in vitamin B, C & antioxidants!!

The berries & flowers may be used for your tea! Crush 1 tsp & add boiling water! To extract more medicinal properties, add one cup of cold water & let steep for 8 hours!! 

You will find the flowers to be sweet-scented yet a little bland. The red berries will be tart & a little fruity.


Helping you heal through the power of plants

Love your farming tea geek,



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Let's talk about Indigestion

SO, I LOVE tea for many reasons; in particular, I love to drink it when I experience the yucky, heavy feeling I get sometimes after eating. When I feel this, or acknowledge what foods trigger this, I will blend some beautiful herbs like fennel, mints, caraway, mustard plant, milk thistle, chamomile, lemon balm and/or licorice root which all have properties that aid in relieving indigestion.

BUT when these herbs do not work quickly enough, I love this additional tip! AND I do this every day! It has helped me SO much in my health journey!



Use one shot of apple cider vinegar [with a mother, like Bragg's (in the photo)] in one cup of room temperature, filtered water & drink it up after every large meal! - if it's a little much at first for taste, you will get used to it over time because it works so well - I promise! [I am NOT endorsed by Bragg's, I just LOVE it!]

Apple Cider Vinegar helps increase your stomach acid, reducing that icky, heavy feeling of indigestion you get from eating. This also helps your body as it will be better able to break down & utilize the foods that you just consumed, thus providing a better channel for the nutrients to be absorbed.

Try it out & let me know how you feel!


Helping you heal through the power of plants

Love your farming tea geek,



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Strawberry Lemonade Tea Cashew Cheesecake


I made this vegan cheesecake dessert 🍮 with our custom Strawberry Lemonade tea found at the amazing Hill's Grill's in Kentville Nova Scotia ☕ The tea simply contains, local strawberries, local peach, organic grapefruit, local lemongrass & fair trade organic White tea!!!

So easy to make & great for your sweet tooth (with no added sugar)!!


1) Soak cashews & sunflower seeds in strawberry lemonade tea (as long as you can 8+ hours)     

2) blend walnuts, coconut & coconut oil until smooth
-- put in muffin container & freeze

3) blend your favourite fruits

4) discard tea water from cashews & blend with fruit puree

5) put the mixture over the walnut base

6) freeze, serve & enjoy


Helping you heal through the power of plants🌱



Your farming tea geek,


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Wild Harvested Spruce Tip Tea

Today I am working with spruce tips for a special someone!! I cannot describe how amazing these little things are; they have a beautiful lemony, slightly peppery flavor & the aroma is just to die for!♡

Indigenous tribes have been using spruce tips for decades, helping them decrease coughs, colds & sore throats within their communities! 

Spruce tips are exceptionally high in vitamin C, chlorophyll & also contain carotenoids which are antioxidants that our body can use as vitamin A. These help our bodies fight off colds, the flu, & free radical damage. Spruce tips are rich in minerals such as potassium & magnesium helping our bodies to relax.

The chlorophyll, that spruce tips contain, help grow, regenerate & accelerating wound healing. These help control cravings by balancing our blood sugar levels. As well as, the increase of oxygen being transported into cells helps neutralizes free radicals while bonding & removing poisonous metals from our body.

spruce tip


Add these beauties to your next tea, salad or soup! Get all of the benefits, so we do not catch the common cold this year, as the seasons change!

Did you know that we love customizing unique teas, just for you & the ones you love! Check out our new option on the website here [ ] or email me at [ ] & fall in love with your tea! What are you waiting for! GET GOING! :)


🌱 helping you feel better naturally through the power of plants 🌱


Lacey Bain

BA | CNP | Holistic Nutritionist | farming tea geek



Wild Harvested Dandelion Tea

You may see a weed but we see endless possibilities & a wish!

(Oh & of course, some watery eyes & stuffy noses! - LOL)

Did you know you can eat & drink the leaves, flowers & roots of dandelions?? Just try dandelion tea, wine, salads & even beer!!!

Dandelions are high in vitamins & minerals. They aid in digestion, act as a bitter for a kidney cleanser, liver detoxifier while aiding in gallbladder functions. Dandelions are full of antioxidants that helps boost the immune. These "weeds" help prevent & slow diabetes, decrease high blood pressure & cholesterol while acting as an anti-inflammatory!

Oh & that's just to name a few!!! Try our Midnight Mint tea for all of these health benefits & more!! PLUS it tastes phenomenal ♡ 


🌱 helping you feel better naturally through the power of plants 🌱


Lacey Bain

BA | CNP | Holistic Nutritionist | farming tea geek




Planting lavender has shown to improve your mental health, save you money, reduce your environmental footprint, get some fresh air, great exercise, enjoy better tasting herbs, reduce waste & build pride, knowing where your food comes from!

Growing lavender isn't the only amazing thing you can do! Lavender is known to eliminate nerves, relieve tension & pain all over, enhance blood circulation while decreasing skin & inflammation issues. 

Oh, did we mention the aroma is out of this world? Just the smell of decrease depression, emotional stress, and anxiety!

How do you use your lavender??


Helpful Hint -

Put your fresh lavender & chamomile [our Serenitea], in the bathtub with hot water & epson salts to enjoy the relaxation properties!


🌱 helping you feel better naturally through the power of plants 🌱



Lacey Bain

BA | CNP | Holistic Nutritionist | farming tea geek



Homemade Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is filled with probiotics for your gut along with vitamin B, live enzymes & cellulose producing bacteria that helps protect your cells!! 

Kombucha can be made by ANYONE, in just three easy steps! The hardest part is waiting for this amazing drink to be ready!

1. Steep black or green tea in water, with a little natural sugar (raw cane or coconut just to name a few)

2. Add the beautiful SCOBY once the tea has cooled. Let the SCOBY ferment your tea mixture for one (1) week to 14 days (depending on how warm your kitchen is). Cover with a cloth so the gases can escape (do not put a cover on as it may explode! I learnt the hard way) Check on mixture after day five - if it is getting acidic (which is a good thing) watch every day until you enjoy the taste!

- SCOBY stands for a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast. SCOBY can be bought OR made from an existing kombucha (wait for my next blog post!)

3. Keep two (2) cups of this mixture & the SCOBY in the glass jar. Bottle the rest & refrigerate to slow the fermentation process. Drink whenever you wish! You can never get TOO much kombucha!

PS. If your mixture becomes too acidic, that is okay! Remove the SCOBY and use the mixture to clean your home or use as a salad dressing! (It has just become beautiful vinegar!)


This homemade kombucha with lemon & ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a digestive tonic, boosts mental clarity, stabilizes mood & is an immune booster (just to name a few)!

Be careful when buying some conventional kombuchas, as some companies add WAY too much sugar before & after the fermenting process for taste.

Sugar, as we know, increases the risk of many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood sugar, candida & cancer!!

Homemade Booch

Thank you @organicgangster for the photo!

🌱 helping you feel better naturally through the power of plants 🌱



Lacey Bain

BA | CNP | Holistic Nutritionist | farming tea geek




Stop what you're doing, take a deep breath & take a look at this little herb!!

Chicory 🌱


Chicory is a woody herb that has the ability to ease digestive problems, prevent heartburn, reduce arthritis, detoxify the liver, gallbladder & kidneys while preventing bacterial infections, kidney stones & boosting the immune. Also, it is a natural sedative (helps you SLEEP ZZZzzz!) & helps with weight loss.

The leaves, buds & roots all have beneficial qualities & the leaves can be used in similar ways as spinach while the roots are often ground into a powder or roasted & used as a coffee substitute.

Chicory is a great source of vitamins & minerals including zinc, magnesium,  manganese, calcium, iron, folic acid & potassium, as well as vitamin A, B6, C, E, & K.

🌱 helping you feel better naturally through the power of plants 🌱


Lacey Bain

BA | CNP | Holistic Nutritionist | farming tea geek




Matcha is an antioxidant rich tea that boosts memory, improves the immune system, increases energy & endurance, burns calories & detoxifies the body. Now, who doesn't want that in the morning before your day even starts!

Matcha Latte ☕

1 cup coconut milk
1 tsp matcha
Hot water 

🥄Wisk matcha in hot water until smooth- add favorite milk & ice - Enjoy

Helping you feel better through the power of plants 🌱


Vegan Valley Grey Fog Latte for cold evenings (or whenever your heart desires)

After a long day in the freezing rain; I snuggled with my favorite blankie, a awesome movie & our favorite teas!!

My first attempt at a vegan Valley Grey Fog (Earl Grey) latte🍵🍵 on Sunday when summer day felt more like an autumn evening🍁🍂🍃!

I have to admit it was better than I anticipated, as I've always been nervous of "burning" my tea leaves since I do not own a fancy machine they have in Cafes' (the bitter taste when your water is too hot OR you steep for too long).

As promised, only a day late, is the recipe I used to create, now, one of my staples, BECAUSE it is great hot AND cold (& honestly I am a cold women - hee hee)

In a pot (if you do not have a steamer (like in a cafe)

1/3 cup water

1 tsp aqave (if you do not find it sweet enough with our organic Licorice Root)

1 tsp of our Valley Grey Fog tea; I usually put right into the water (in this case i put in teabags; (FT organic Irish Breakfast, organic burgamont, FT organic Ceylon, organic FT Assam, organic Licorice Root (available in our online shop - here:

Let these two / three ingredients simmer until your water is almost gone (syrupy look) over 4 or LOWER heat (do not want to burn those beautiful leaves!)

Add a tea cup full of your favorite milk (in this one I used Almond Milk, which was a beautiful compliment to the black teas & citrusy notes!!)

Let simmer for a few minutes longer (if you wish to enjoy this latte hot) if not take off stove, strain tea leaves out & enjoy with some Valley Grey Fog ice cubes (so you do not water your drink down!!!

Enjoy my teageeks, let me know how you make out

Love your Farming Teageek


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First Day of Summer & Full Strawberry Moon♡

The first of my grandparents strawberries this year for me 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓!!!! These things are beauties; cannot even describe how phenomenal the first berries off the field taste. You can really tell how much time, effort & love my grandparents put into their fields💑💑!

My challenge to ALL of you this summer; volunteer at a farm for a day, or even a few hours, see how much love, sweat & tears go into the food that farmers put on to your table, not the big chain stores who let your food grow old  before it even gets to you. Venture to a farmers market, go directly to the farm, eat what's in season 🌱🌿🍉🍑🍏🍎🍒🍓🍅🍆🌽🍄

Taste the freshness, taste the goodness & best of all know where your food comes from!

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Grandparents Strawberries

Loose Leaf tea vs Tea Bags

Tea Bag vs. Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea are whole leaves or larger pieces that have less exposure to the surface therefore staying fresher longer, (if stored properly, in air tight containers away from the light, & heat fluxuations – more to come in April), preserving their natural essential oils, aromas, health benefits and flavors leaving you with a more complex flavorful cuppa tea. When you are finished with your leaves, they will breakdown easily in your compost AND are an excellent addition to your garden in which you can grow your own herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices.

                    Equipment to create your very own cuppa tea

ONE: choose your infuser

Biodegradable, unbleached, recycled tea bag (cannot usually be refilled or reused unless re-steeping the leaves already in the bag)

Mesh Infuser, a fantastic invention that can be used multiple times & fits in many different cups or pots! (Hint; if you do not enjoy herbs, fruit, tea or spices floating around in your cup, look for fine mesh; although those floaties are edible!) Just hand wash when you are finished

Steeper Ball, another portable, handy invention that comes in all shapes and sizes like sharks, hearts, cats, sailboats and round; just to name a few! Just hand wash when finished

Classic French Press you use for your coffee; just remember to clean it well; tea will take on the taste of its surroundings.

Tea pot wonderful if you are sharing your tea with your friends & family members

When choosing your equipment, make sure your leaves have room to expand & move around, allowing more flavor to escape from the leaves

TWO: Choose your water

Always use fresh un-chlorinated water (if possible). Each tea requires different temperatures in order to steep properly, SO if your tea has a bitter taste it may not necessarily mean you have chosen “bad” tea, it could possibly mean you burnt your tea leaves! Warm up your cup; put hot water in your cup BEFORE you add your tea, throw that water away; then pour in your tea.

THREE: Steep your favorite tea


Green tea – use 170* water & steep for 2-4 minutes (can be infused 3-5 times)

White tea – use 185* water & steep for 3-5 minutes (can be infused 2-4 times)

Black tea – use 210* water & steep for 2-4 minutes (can be infused 2-3 times)

Ooolong tea – use 185* water & steep for 1-3 minutes (can be infused up to 10 times)

Pu’er tea – use 200* water & steep for 2-4 minutes (can be infused 3-4 times)

Yellow tea – use 175* water & steep for 2-4 minutes (can be infused 2-3 times)

Herbal infusion – use 200* water & steep for a various amount of time (depending on your ingredients)

MISCONCEPTION** loose leaf tea is expensive......

In reality you use a small amount of leaves and can infuse for more than one time, usually only using 1-2 tsp per cup of water. When steeping your leaves, the release of their flavor is slower, meaning your additional steeps will be filled with beautiful flavors & aromas. Our teas cost you $.25-$.65 a cup (if using your leaves ONLY ONCE, most tea blends can be used several times).

-Loose Leaf tea may require a little more of your time BUT is well worth the extra time you get to yourself!-

Bagged Tea – an accidental invention in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan who sent clients tea samples in a silk draw string bag, intending for the leaves to be removed before being infused

Yes, tea bags are very convenient & cheap BUT is that good? Each bag comes prepackaged & measured out, eliminating the need to pre-measure your tea. Commercial tea bags are filled with the lowest grade, fine cut, chemical filled tea, leading them to infuse quickly; which also means it becomes stale quicker, no matter how the bags are stored. Tea fanning, or finely cut tea, unusable for loose leaf sale, loses flavor, aroma & oils leaving you with a complex cuppa tea. Fannings release more tannins, which leads to more bitter drinks.

A box of tea bags are relatively inexpensive but, unlike loose leaf tea you cannot resteep your tea bag for the same flavors & also has a much shorter shelf like as a result of its fine cut.

Unfortunately few commercial tea bags do not use biodegradable bags leaving bits of plastic in your compost/garden for years.

Which will you choose the commercial tea bag or the loose leaf?!



Organic Wholey Good

$10 / 50grams

All organic ingredients; ginger root, turmeric root & licorice root

Ginger is a root traditionally used for nausea, vomiting, gas, stomach cramps, keeping your colon clean, & helps with your digestive system. – spicy, warm, & very aromatic

Turmeric is a root which is used for heartburn, stomach pains, diarrhea, gas, bloating loss of appetite, headache, menstrual problems, depression & kidney problems. – warm, bitter & beautifully colored

Licorirce is another root that acts as a anti-depressant, chronic fatigue, liver problems, menopause, ulcers, yeast infections, helps prevent the breakdown of adrenal hormones (the stress fighting hormone) & helps with PMS pains, -sweet (about 50x sweeter than sugar), earthy & strong


^ Wholey Good Recipe ^

Large cup of milk (or your favorite milk alternative)

Simple Syrup (if you don’t find it sweet enough already)

1.5 tsp of Wholey Good

Cinnamon to sprinkle on top

Put milk (& simple syrup if you wish) in a sauce pan, warm on medium heat Put Wholey Good in a non bleached, biodegradable tea bag (unless you would like to strain it after) Steep until milk begins to bubble. Whisk constantly for about seven minutes. Serve in your favorite large mug & sprinkle with cinnamon & enjoy!

Peanut Butter Maple Fudge paired with our Digestive Tea

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Want a quick, easy & delicious treat for the holidays?

Try our amazing peanut butter maple fudge!

1/4 cup 100% pure maple syrup
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 tbsp vanilla

Combine ingredients into a pot, bring to a boil for two minutes. Place in paper baking cups, shred carob chunks & peanuts on top & freeze.

Perfectly paired with our spicy ginger, turmeric & licorice tea Digestive Tea.

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Organic Yerba Matè

So I have done a little reading on Organic Yerba Matè and have to admit, it is my new favorite for many different reasons ♡ 

Yerba Matè comes from the holly bush in South Africa and acts as a stimulate for our central nervous system. It contains amino acids, polyhenols, vitamins, minerals AND contains  90% more antioxidants than the amazing Green Tea; just to start! Matè is know to improve moods and decrease depression, relieve headaches, helps treat UTI (urinary tract infections) & bladder infections AND slows down signs of aging. Yerba Matè helps detoxify your blood stream by moving fats & cholesterol and is proven to prevent some types of cancer. This leaf is known to decrease stress & insomnia  (even though it contains caffeine). Increase the ability to focus and mental energy without the side effects associated with the consumption of caffeine in other products (jitters, stomachaches,  headaches & crashes). On top of all of this, Yerba Matè is shown to increase endurance,  boost your metabolism by using carbohydrates more efficiently,  meaning you get more energy from the foods that you have consumed AND burn more calories. Yerba Matè is consumed for years to help with digestion and digestive ailments, also helping with weight management due to its ability to make you feel full longer and slowing down your digestive process.

See what I mean by this little baby packs a punch

Get yours today.

Posted on May 26, 2015 .

The Beautiful Organic Fennel

Fennel is the uniquely beautiful vegetable (herb) that you see at the supermarket with a pale bulb and long green stalks or seeds (which I use in my tea & in the photograph). It is well know for its licorice flavor & was originally grown in the Mediterranean. Now it is grown in full sun with well drained soil here in Nova Scotia. There are so many wonderful benefits of Fennel I don't really know where to start!

Fennel is high in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, calcium, Iron, magnesium, zink, copper, selenium (which is not found in most other fruits and vegetables) and helps the liver enzymes detoxify the body of anything harmful including some cancer causing compounds.

Fennel is a natural source of estrogen, increasing the bodies immune response, and helps with sleep, muscle movement, memory and learning. Decreases blood pressure naturally and acts in protecting the heart with its high fibre content which helps lower the total cholesterol in the body.

Fennel is known to help with bone health and structure and the increase of collagen which helps with healthy skin. It is known to help with digestion and regularity which also leads to weight management. It can also helps your body absorb iron.

Overall, combined with regular exercise and healthy lifestyle habits fennel can help decrease obesity, mortality, diabetes and heart disease, just to name a few.

Fennel is great in soups and soup stalks, sautéed in stirfries, raw in fresh salads, roasted in the oven & of course in teas!


Now you know a little more about the fantastic benefits of organic fennel. Get yours today♡

Posted on May 20, 2015 .

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Leaf!

Today, I am working with the wonderful organic Ginkgo Biloba for a custom order for improving someone's circulation. You can find this beautiful herb around Toronto!



Ginkgo comes from the oldest living tree species on the planet living over 1,000 years. Ginkgo high in flavonoids & antioxidants which provides protection against oxidized cell damage.  

Ginkgo is well known for aiding in concentration, thinking, memory & social behaviour,  so when you have a test, exam, meeting or want to concentrate hard on something for an extended period of time, this is the herb for you! It is also known to improves blood circulation & it seems to kill bacteria & fungi that cause infections in your body such as bladder irritations.

Ginkgo is being researched & used in many different situations to help 'thinking disorders'  such as Alzheimer’s & depression.

Now with all of these wonderful benefits comes a few side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headache,  stomachaches and restlessness.  Those who are allergic to poison ivy & the alkylphenol families should avoid this herb altogether.

Remember to respect, honour & listen to what your body is telling you.

Helping you heal through the power of plants🌱


Love your farming tea geek,



| BA (Hons) | CNP (Hons)


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Posted on May 11, 2015 .

Organic & Homegrown Hibiscus

Organic Hibiscus is a caffeine free flower that contains so many different health benifits. Hibiscus has a distinctive tart flavor that is high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, helps manage blood pressure, protects your liver, is anti-inflammatory & antibacterial, helps with menstrual pain/cramping, has antidepressant properties, aids in digestion & in weight loss. Just to name a few! 

Hibiscus plants are tropical but can be grown inside with lots of sunlight.  Our hibiscus plant gives off a few flowers every few weeks. They can be dehydrated in a machine on a low temperature so they do not burn & become too brittle BUT I would suggest naturally drying them by picking the whole flower & attaching it to a string in a well ventilated area. It allows the natural oils to stay within the flower making it even more beneficial for us to consume. It may take more time to dry properly than a machine,  but more sustainable & economical.

Posted on May 4, 2015 .

The wondrous benifits of Raspberry Leaf

Do you or your children have stomachaches, or bowel problems? Need help with an inflammatory disorder? Do you have heavy periods? Cramps, PMS, or even hot flashes? Morning sickness? Pregnant? Climbing into menopause? Looking for an increase in fertility or an increase in circulation?  AND do you know what's high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin A/B/C/E, niacin, helps your body create its own energy, yet caffeine free? 

The magnificent Organic Raspberry Leaf. 

Now unlike many of leafs, Raspberry leaf can be picked and dehydrated at anytime of the season. Many other plant leafs, such as strawberry & blackberry ect. should be harvested AFTER the fruit has been picked so the nutrients & the oils have time to reach the leaf itself.



Posted on April 22, 2015 .

Welcome to my site!

Hello Teageeks,

Welcome to my brand new website! Here you will find my new blog, all the information you'll ever need on my business, a web-store and much more! 

Please take a look around, and I'll hopefully see you at the Halifax Tea Festival this weekend (April 11th & 12th)!

For more information on the tea festival, check out !


Posted on April 8, 2015 .