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Handcrafted Teas & Holistic Nutrition Coaching


Real, Local Ingredients

We are dedicated to providing you with the best Nova Scotia grown, dried & hand-blended herbs, fruits & spices with organic fair trade loose leaf teas from around the world. Customized for you!

There are NO added sugars, colors, preservatives, flavors or other harmful additives; just raw natural, fresh ingredients. Know what goes into your body.

We keep it simply. 100% real ingredients.


Developed by a Nutritionist

Lacey Bain,  BA,  CNP, is the owner of Teageek'ery and a certified holistic nutritionist. Her extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition and herbal medicine  brings  an extra  something to her blends, assuring you you're getting the best of the best.


Our Blends

locally grown | natural | raw | fresh | small unique batches | handmade  | inspired by nature 


Nutritional Coaching

Feeling tired? Feeling blue? Holistic Counselling is just for you!

Holistic Coaching ultimately works toward the body, mind and spirit interacting in harmony. We reach this goal through being equipped with the tools used to properly fuel the body with nutrients, calm the mind through focus and revive the spirit once again in order to overcome discomfort, alleviate pain and potentially cure ailments or disease.


Upcoming Workshops & Lectures


Custom “Create-Your-Own” Tea Workshop
Sunday NOVEMBER 25th 2018

Did you know that over the years, tea has helped many people overcome a wide variety of ailments? Whether you want to build a tea for an ailment you have, or you simply share a love for fresh organic fair trade tea and local ingredients, you will have the choice to do as you wish in an empowering and motivating workshop taught by Lacey Bain, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Visionary Owner of Teageek’ery Custom Teas from Woodville, Nova Scotia.

Located at: Hello Handmade in Berwick Nova Scotia
Investment: $25
Workshop: Together we will learn about the healing practice of blending and steeping organic, local teas, plus get hands on blending your own teas!

DETOX WITH ME: information session and workshop
Dates to be announced

Are you feeling “blah”, tired, run down, bloated or simply not yourself? Your body may be telling you it needs a little extra help to get you back up to the optimal you. This class will not only educate you on how to properly and safely detoxify your body, it will also inspire you with alternatives for making quick and easy lifestyle changes in order to make you feel total harmony in your mind, body and soul.

Plant-Based “Jumpstart”: Cooking Night

Do you crave for quick & easy tricks to cook a few delicious and plant-based meals? In this informative workshop, you will discover new methods using organic, fresh and natural ingredients that not only help you feel better, but also help in avoiding dreadful grocery bills every week. Make it sensational night for you and your loved one - or make it a private event.



It's time to make your health a priority

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