The wondrous benefits of Raspberry Leaf



Do you or your children have stomachaches, or bowel problems? Need help with an inflammatory disorder? Do you have heavy periods? Cramps, PMS, or even hot flashes? Morning sickness? Pregnant? Climbing into menopause? Looking for an increase in fertility or in circulation?  AND do you know what's high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin A/B/C/E, niacin, helps your body create its own energy, yet caffeine free? 


Harvesting Raspberry Leaf

Now unlike many of leafs, Raspberry leaf can be picked and dehydrated at anytime of the season. Many other plant leafs, such as strawberry, blueberry & blackberry, should be harvested after the fruit has been picked so the nutrients & the oils have time to reach the leaf itself.

Lacey BainComment