Ginkgo Biloba

My new love is Ginkgo Biloba, also known as Salisburia adiantifolia. Ginkgo has helped me tremendously recently, with all of the life changes going on in my world, emotionally, mentally and physically! 

Ginkgo leaves have been used for centuries to naturally increase energy, concentration as well improve overall eye health; it also helps fight anxiety, depression, fatigue and symptoms of PMS while helping to improve libido and decrease headaches as well migraines. The reasoning behind all of these wonderful benefits: ginkgo is a very effective anti-inflammatory herb that increases the bodies antioxidants, which can actually lower oxidative stress. Do you have any of these symptoms? Click here and let's work together!

What is oxidative stress? It is an imbalance in the body between the production of free radicals (the "bad guys") and our bodies ability to detoxify or neutralize these toxins. Oxidative stress, if ignored, may cause severe damage to normal cells in our body. A few possible symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, increased susceptibility to infections, joint and other bodily pain.

Ginkgo is a sweet, bitter and astringent herb that can also be used for the kidneys, liver, and lungs; the leaves are observed to be beneficial for the brain as it increases the blood flow!*

Make a Ginkgo Tea: Customize your own tea using Ginkgo to start seeing all these benefits today! Ginkgo pairs well with peppermint, spearmint, holy basil, rosemary, raspberry leaf. Steep for approximately 10 minutes, for best results, in hot water.

Exciting fact: The large ginkgo tree, a Maidenhair tree, can live up to 1,000 years but needs rich, hummus-like soil to thrive. Ginkgo can be harvested in the summer months when the leaves are a vibrant green, but is shown to provide higher medicinal properties in the early fall when the leaves begin to change to a lighter yellow*.


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Maidenhair tree -   Ginkgo leaves starting to change from vibrant green to a lighter yellow -  Toronto September 2016

Maidenhair tree - Ginkgo leaves starting to change from vibrant green to a lighter yellow -

Toronto September 2016

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