Homemade Orange Juice

manual juicing - my Dad's favorite way!

manual juicing - my Dad's favorite way!



Some store-bought orange juices may only contain 10% actual orange juice, while the rest can be fillers such as water, different forms of fructose [sugar] (most likely from genetically modified organisms if not bought organic) and, unfortunately so many other harmful chemical additives that the companies do not even have to name. So sad. Ever wonder why that orange juice lasts for months!? That is why.



So to avoid that all together, here is my version of the easiest homemade organic Orange Juice 🍊 EVER! 

Simply buy organic oranges or clementines, peel 3-5, blend in your favorite blender & enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Homemade OJ is not only just 100% oranges but is high in fiber, vitamin C, minerals, protects your kidneys, skin, heart, helps fight infection, purifies blood, lowers cholesterol  levels & there are no additives or harmful ingredients, just pure oranges!!

My lazy way of making OJ - a blender!

My lazy way of making OJ - a blender!

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