How to Detox Candida

So in previous blog posts, we talked about Candida. If you're thinking "Lace, what the heck are you talking about??", click here and get filled in. Candida is yeast-like fungi and is a normal part of our bacterial flora; it is found in the mouth, intestinal tract, vagina and on the skin. Candidiasis or candida albican, is the overgrowth of a yeast fungus in the body, causing an imbalance of your much needed good bacteria (think of a teeter-totter). Something new this week I'd like to share with you is that I have discovered a solution that has worked for me and many others. Together, we will look at foods to avoid like refined sugars, dairy, grains, and processed foods, while compensating with good foods like leafy greens, water, clean proteins, nuts, seeds and some healthy, simple lifestyle changes! I have heard so many of your stories, so do please keep them coming. I do not want anyone to suffer alone.

Gingeric Tea - our new anti-inflammatory root blend!

Gingeric Tea - our new anti-inflammatory root blend!

I'd first like to explain that to detox from Candida, you will be challenged mentally and physically, but the outcome is without a doubt worth the struggle. Upon completing my changes, I felt like a completely new person! I would love to develop a strong, personalized protocol for you to follow in your personal health journey (mention this blog to your friends on social media & get a discount).  Follow these guidelines for at least 3 weeks (obviously seeing more benefits the longer you go) and you will see vast improvements within the first week and a half.

Here's an honest forewarning - during the first few days following your changes (relying on how imbalanced your bacteria may be), you will go through  withdrawal symptoms causing cravings for sugar in whatever way it can come to you. I need to stress this - PLEASE DO NOT give in or you will have to start over from the beginning. Effective planning beforehand will make success more easily attainable and that's exactly what I am here for! Reach out! Ask questions - because you may feel like a fool for a minute (which you are not) by asking something, or a fool for a lifetime by staying silent. I will proudly share this information with you!

Like we discussed, once the candida starving, it will retreat and hide in ‘shells’ (research shows that the shells can be as hard as crab shells). They stay here until their food (sugar) is reintroduced back into the diet. If left starving long enough, they will die and be eliminated respectively; this is why it is essential not to give in. You can do it! I believe in you!! You need to be pooping every day (at least once a day). This is beyond important. You need to be eliminating the candida as waste so it does not recirculate in your body.


I over-indulged this weekend at the first NSCC Food Truck Party - 2016

I over-indulged this weekend at the first NSCC Food Truck Party - 2016

You will have to avoid:

  • All types of grains (bread/pastries, rice, wheat, gluten, corn, oats, rye, barley, etc)
  • Try incorporating chia seed pudding, flax seeds and hemp seeds with a few chopped fruits in a bowl to make up for your daily fibre intake and keep things regular!
  • All refined sugars of ANY kind are out (including fruit juices, sugar, maple syrup, cane sugar, dextrin, corn syrup, that also means maltodextrin, maltose, dextrin, whey, lactose (anything ending in ‘ous’ or ‘in’)
  • All processed & packaged foods (any additives - natural or otherwise)
  • All dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, margarine ect). Substitute for coconut oil for everything - it is your new best friend! Eat it by the spoonful. You can't take a spoonful of butter and not pay for it - but you can substitute coconut oil for butter in a lot of situations.
  • All alcohol (no beer, wine, cider or any spirits)
  • All coffee/caffeine products (this includes Starbucks, Tim Horton's large & small chain drinks, pop/carbonated beverages, etc.)
  • All white potatoes (keep in mind sweet potatoes/yams are fine in moderation - one to two times per week) 


A happy clients homemade meal - 2018 roasted sweet potato & veggie salad bowl - 2018 

A happy clients homemade meal - 2018 roasted sweet potato & veggie salad bowl - 2018 

So now you may be thinking, “What do I eat?!”

You must increase your fiber intake, regular pooping is crucial. You have to be doing the deed at least once a day and it needs to be solid, rounded, large log and firm.  Alkalizing and flushing the body of toxins with greens and high veggie and water intake decreases illness. Always remember, dis-ease cannot live in an alkalized environment. Taking steps toward personal fitness will assist in getting your poop solid again; exercise will always give you a boost for the process.

These are must-have foods - they are essential for success:

  • Greens (every kind - make sure there is variety)
  • Veggies (as many as you can eat - eat the rainbow)
  • Clean protein (beans, tempeh, nuts, seeds, brussel sprouts, fish, chicken/turkey, beef, pork)
  • Filtered water (you need to flush your system) - 2-3 L/per day, every day
  • Herbal Tea (if not buying from a local grower you trust, organic is a must)
  • Nuts & Seeds (Chia, Flax, Psyllium, Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans etc)
  • Sulfur-containing foods (garlic, onions, kale, cabbage, ect) these will become your new best friends for the next month & hopefully onward!
  • Fruits (limit to 1 cup a day, bananas 2 x a week only)
  • Make sure your plate is colorful at every meal. Eat the RAINBOW!!!  
  • 80% veggies on your plate (at least) - get that fiber up, up, up!



Supplements to Consider

  • Oregano Oil, Goldenseal, Garlic, Grapeseed Oil, and Caprylic Acids
  • A great kit to purchase is CandiClear 4
  • A good high potency probiotic
  • Genestra, AOR, St. Francis, Botanica are some companies I have entrusted- I am not endorsed by these companies (I am pretty sure they do not even know I exist)- I just used these products in the past and they work very well (Also, as a part of our protocol, you get a discount off your supplements as well!)

In addition to all my shared information, please let me listen and learn from your personal experiences. I am always looking for new clients and am fully capable in developing an affordable, strong and personalized protocol for you to follow in your personal health journey.

When you feel ready, please do not hesitate to contact me either on social media or directly by email with all of your questions needing answers! Let’s get you started today.


Yours in Health,

XO Lace

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