Choosing Local

Buying local not only supports your local economy, it supports individuals in their passion and initiative to provide healthier, loving and more natural food to the general public at the most affordable price they can. You get to know the individuals on a personal level, seeing their modalities and how they grow the food for you, but what you also gain is a true understanding of where your food comes from; you gain a peace of mind knowing what goes into the process of growing and producing what you are ingesting. It is a shared opinion of many that everything grown fresh and locally tastes much better than those foods in mass production; purchasing locally-grown food rejuvenates our soulful connection to the Earth.

Always Natural Ingredients

Are real, fresh, natural ingredients not understood as the best already? Our bodies are our temples; we need to fuel ourselves with only the best because we deserve to feel good. Ensuring there are no harmful chemicals, natural means only beautiful, raw ingredients that will help to heal our bodies from within.



Homegrown at Lacelyn Farms

The soil in Annapolis Valley is of the utmost highest quality in Nova Scotia, and arguably the entire country; Annapolis Valley farmers are fortunate to have soil that is naturally high in minerals and vitamins. Lacelyn Farms is Lacey’s family farm situated on a 100-acre patch of land located in Woodville, NS. Lacey’s family bought the farm in 1991 from her father’s family.
“We are able to grow our own food, love the planet and be connected with the nature around us; it’s a place where we learn and grow together. It is my home where I found the courage to get back up and of course, learned to love what I do with all of my heart!”
- Lacey

Why choose custom teas

Who doesn’t enjoy getting exactly what they want? With Lacey, you can customize your very own unique tea in order to meet all of your needs. With the endless possibilities, you no longer need someone to tell you what you can or cannot have in your tea. You will choose from fresh, local, natural, real ingredients that have not sat on a shelf for years. You have a sense of freedom breaking from the constraints of bland factory teas. Create your own custom tea today!


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