Why Nutrition

We only have one body; we need to love and cherish it. How we visualize ourselves is how we will treat ourselves and radiate onto those around us. Consuming a well-balanced, colourful array of food combined with appropriate exercise is essential for our sense of well-being. Our bodies are unique with none being the same, therefore we must understand and listen to our bodies for their individual needs when it comes to fats, protein, carbohydrates, hydration, vitamins, minerals. In addition to our body, our mind also need to be satisfied through relaxation, exercise, love, energy and self-actualization in order to maintain whole balance.


“Quickie” Consultation

15 minutes • free

Let’s talk. Outline your immediate health goals and see if my modalities meet your needs. This will provide you a 15-minute chat with me AND one step that you can start immediately to help you on your health journey. See what magic we can create.


A Balanced Health Journey

60 minutes initial consult + 30 minute protocol delivery •

Are you motivated to make a healthy, positive change in your life and don’t really know where to start? During our 60-minute consultation, we will go over every aspect of your current state in great detail so that your individual protocol can be created to best fit your desired needs. We will be exploring subjects pertaining to your current state of health such as: ailments/diseases, food intake, lifestyle choices, family health history, current medications, stress alleviation as well other current routines.

When you leave the consultation, you will have the first step complete on your balanced health journey and a set date for our next meeting where I will present you with your very first individualized protocol. The individualized protocol will give you an easy-to-follow guide touching on your lifestyle, foods, herbs and supplements that will benefit your unique needs pertaining to your established goals.


An Energized Follow-Up

45 minutes •

Let’s meet again to see how your protocol has improved your state of well-being. I would like to hear from you four to six weeks after our Balanced Health Journey meeting for continued support with your health journey, as well to create a few additional health goals for becoming a better you. We will discuss any personal obstacles that you may have come across in the four to six week span then discuss ways to jump these barriers.


Nutrition Paid Forward

once a month • free

With all our your support, you allow me to provide an individual who is need a free consultation and protocol. Once a month, I will be giving away a free protocol to an individual who has written me that month who is in need of help and doesn’t know where to turn.


Your Abundant Road To Health

4 Hours •

You love yourself and you’re ready to invest in your body! Let’s show it so much needed extra love. This is a three month journey taking an in-depth look at your personal needs.

Month One: 

We look at food and herbs that will help rebalance you body from the inside out. Let's cook together! It feels so great to get a protocol, so lets take it to the next level. This month we cook some delicious food and drink some phenomenal tea together, from your protocol, so you can see how easy it is to incorporate the protocol into your life. [One hour & fifteen minutes].

Month Two: 

We look at lifestyle changes that will get you energize and move you while making you feeling happy being in your own skin. Let's schedule together! Here we will look at scheduling in your activities from your protocol into your life, making an easy & simplistic plan.


We look at a few supplements that will compliment your previous dietary and lifestyle changes that will propel you forward in your journey to a better version of you.


A Glowing You

2 Hours • 

Lets have some fun with food. We will focus on your individual health needs, such as weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation and so much more (whatever you need). I will be providing you with a customized meal plan, with a few recipes and some lifestyle changes to help you on your way to feeling perfectly you. We can work around any dietary restriction you may have, and explore delicious options.

Let’s make things even more exciting! Let’s add your partner. It is always better to have someone to work toward your goals with.

A couples special - if you and your significant other need something different in your lives, lets work on that. Making two separate meals to eat each meal, is not realistic... so lets learn how to incorporate both of you. Two protocols incorporated into one dinner

Let’s make this a huge affair, get the whole family involved. Teach your children the fundamentals of food. Help shape their love for good, healthy foods. Cooking should be a time for family.